Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Why I Will Be Sore for 6 Weeks

I love to work out. I actually enjoy pushing myself and meeting goals I set. Last year I wanted to run 2 half marathons and lift an average of 4 days a week. I wrote it down and I did it. This year I'm going to document my 3 goals for you here as well, so I'm held accountable.

  1.  I will do a 14er.
  2.  I will run a half marathon.
  3.  I will do a 1 armed push up.

For those of you not familiar, my first goal of hiking a 14er is something every Coloradoan should do. It's a mountain that exceeds 14,000 feet. And hiking one is strenuous for multiple reasons: the altitude gain, the sheer elevation, lack of oxygen at the top, the amount of time it takes (usually a full day), and that due to weather you can only do them a few months out of the year. I've lived here 8 years and haven't done one. Yet. My lovely friend Suzan and I are planning to do one in July. Not sure which one, we're taking suggestions.

The second goal is no biggie. I've run about 7 half marathons. Just going to do another one. Probably the Boulder Half Marathon (formerly the Boulder Backroads) in September.  The 10 weeks it takes to train for one keeps my cardio in check.

As for my 3rd goal... well, I have 2 reasons for having this one on here. First, if I can do a 1 armed push up, then I've got some pretty good strength. And because I will do strength exercises for my whole body, if my upper body can do that, then I'm probably pretty strong and toned all over. Second, how freaking cool would it be for a chick to drop down and do a 1 armed push up?!?!

I'm pretty clear how to train for the first 2. It's the push up that I need help on. So, I recently joined a 6 week boot-camp style training program. It is using the TRX training system. You can just google "TRX" and get a lot of information, but here's a picture that shows you basically what it looks like.

You are using suspension straps to do various exercises using your own body weight. Robby is the kick-ass trainer that is leading these classes, and I've found one that has very competitive and fit athletes in it who push me even harder. It's not uncommon to hear, "How many reps did you do?" and compare our answers.

So in addition to 6 days a week of cardio, I am going 4 times a week to a 30 minute TRX class. I've been to 7 classes in the past week and a half... I have been sore the whole time. And as he begins to challenge me and change things up I will continue to be sore, probably for the entire 6 weeks. I mentioned my goal to him. And the good reason to look at joining a group or getting a trainer? He keeps reminding me of it in the class and that will push me even harder.

But... I think I'll be able to do a 1 armed push up at the end. And if I can, I promise I'll post a video of it...

...QueenB Says


  1. You guys should hit up Mt. Bierstadt! Its absolutely gorgeous -- go early AM to avoid storms mid day/afternoon!

  2. sounds like some fun goals! i need to make some goals for myself. have you ever looked in to Cross Fit? shaun loves it and i am starting to do some cross fit stuff. you should check it out. good luck with the hike!

  3. I hear G & T is a good 14er too?

    I'm adding a non-assited pull up to the list too.

    I have done a bit of Cross Fit... it's very efficient. I would have to add a more cardio to make it a complete workout program for me, but that's with any strength training. Cross Fit was also a bit more expensive and TRX felt better to my body, so I chose this one for the short term. Let me know what you think of it overall... so curious.

  4. Keep up the great work girl! You look great and ARE GOING TO HIT YOUR FITNESS GOALS!
    I love being a part of it, thank you for your hard work, committment and dedication! You are inspiration to everyone who trains with you!!
    Keep it up!

    (Thanks for the "props" btw!;)

    - Robby