Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Why I Am Okay Calling Myself a Queen... Part 2

Thanks everyone for following along. Part 1 of the series focused on how I treat myself like a queen. I hope you enjoy Part 2!

Reason Number 2: Queens surround themselves with the right people.

I have SME’s* that I regularly check in with (*Subject Matter Experts).  I couldn't begin to name them all, but here's a short list of important parts of my life where I need occasional advice and who I go to:
  • When I need fashion advice there are only a few people that I can go to. Ashley and Katie, thank you for being my go to SME’s in this area. Both of you are classic and practical in your approach to this subject, and know how to add just the right amount of flair to keep it fun.
  • I have created a network of people that do or have done what I do professionally. To bounce an idea off of someone or to hear how someone else has addressed a certain problem is invaluable. I work with these people now, I’ve worked with these people in the past, and some of you I may get to work with in the future. Mike C., you have been especially helpful and influential along the way, couldn’t be where I am without you!
  • I have people that I go to when I need to cry, when I need to vent, when I want to laugh, when I want to enjoy a fabulous meal, when I need reassurance, when I need advice. I could go on, but then I might sound REALLY needy.
I have people around me that keep me in check.
  • The huz will often tell me what I need to hear. He recently, when I was being wishy washy on an issue, called me out. “It’s amazing how your attitude about this changes from day to day”. Yeah, he was right. I’m still making up my mind on this issue, and that’s the process I’m going through right now. But it was nice to have someone push me in the right direction.
  • My mom keeps me in check too. I was angry about something and was doing my free-flow-thinking-out-loud-about-what-I-would-say-to-this-person. She says, “That is not how a lady would act.” Sometimes being a lady is hard, but you never regret it. Fine! I’ll be a freaking lady!
I have people around me that encourage me.  I can think of several instances recently where someone’s encouragement has made all the difference for me. Here are a few:
  • When I was contemplating writing a blog, I was nervous about it. I’m not a writer and I don’t think of myself as very creative. But 3 people really helped me get going by encouragement, positive feedback, and by being awesome themselves. Emma-nation, Theschumbag, SuzanBond… XOXO.
  • I've worked really hard this season at improving my dancing. I’m trying to listen to feedback more, be more open to types of movement that make me uncomfortable (I still don’t like floor work, for the record), and practice on my own daily. Well, someone I really respect noticed. Thank you Troy for pulling me aside and giving me solid feedback, but mostly for saying “Look who’s turned into a hip-hopper!"
  • I manage a great team. I’ve hired people that know what to do and do it. I also have individual contributor responsibilities, so this is important. We work really hard and recently were even awarded a 5-star award for our channel program in the industry… that’s big, okay. In addition to a great team, I have a boss that trusts me to do my job, but still gets involved when I need her to. It’s a great combination. A few months ago she made a comment to me in passing that may not have been something she remembers, but I do, and it gave me a boost of confidence I really needed at the time. She said, “I don’t feel like I have to worry about your team, you run yourselves”. Huge!
  • I also couldn’t let this go by without mentioning my huz, my mom, my dad, my sister, my b-i-l, Ashley, Amie, Maggie, Katie, Bob, my dance troupe, and I’m forgetting about a dozen other people. You make my world better and give me confidence and I appreciate each and every one of you!
Find your people and make sure they are fabulous, and take the time to thank them for it. You are further along in your path to being the best Queen you can be.

Join me on Friday for Part 3 in the series, where I ask for your support...

...QueenB Says


  1. I love it... but does this mean we all have to start CALLING you Queen?

    Just kidding :). MWAH!

  2. I so agree. We only need people around us who are good for us, not toxic. And we do need to remember to thank them!

    Emma, she does have a crown...