Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ask QueenB

Hope you enjoy your second edition of Ask QueenB.

What is your favorite recipe?

Whatever the huz is making . I’m fortunate that I married someone who enjoys cooking. The preparation is relaxing for him. But to keep things even I cook about once a week. I’m not a great cook, but I can follow a recipe, and there are a few that make the regular rotation. Peanut pasta, kung pao chicken, poblano and goat cheese stuffed chicken, mojito chicken, and Cajun pasta are my top 5. I used a new decision maker app on my iPhone to choose which recipe I’d give, so here goes. Unfortunately, this one is from memory so I’ll do my best with amounts. You’re probably just going to have to decide how spicy and saucy you want it and go from there.

Cajun Pasta

Thin spaghetti

Olive oil

Scallions – 1 bunch

Emerils Essence – 1 tablespoon

Red pepper and chili powder – I like a lot, but I like it spicy

Evaporated milk – 1 can

Worcestershire sauce – 2 tablespoons

Tabasco – 1 teaspoon

Grated parmesan – ¼ cup and some for topping

In a skillet sauté the scallions in olive oil with the essence and red pepper and chili powder for about 3 minutes. Add the evaporated milk and simmer for about 5 minutes (if you want more sauce like we do then add a bit of milk). Add the Worcestershire sauce and Tabasco and ¼ cup parm. This will thicken the sauce. Salt and pepper to taste.

As you are making the sauce, boil the thin spaghetti so they finish at the same time. Combine the sauce a pasta and serve with parmesan for topping.

Tonight happens to be my one night of the week to cook, and we're having this. I am looking forward to it!

What is your favorite hike in Boulder?

Hands down it’s Royal Arch. I’ve probably done Sanitas more times than any other, it’s about an hour round trip and that is convenient. But Royal Arch has all the elements of a perfect hike. It’s beautiful the entire hike, it’s difficult, the view at the top is a perfect picture of Boulder and Denver, and can complete your cardio and strength training all in one workout. It’s a great 75-90 minute hike (more like 2 hours for lower altitude visitors). So a start at 10am means you can head down to Pearl Street for lunch right after. And trust me, you have earned that beer.

My company says we can wear jeans on Friday. Is it okay to wear a t-shirt and sneakers?

I would say this depends on either your role in the company or the role you want to have in the company. So for most people, no.

However, I wear jeans on Friday, but I always dress it up. For the ladies, it’s best to start with the rule of 3- have 3 main pieces of clothing. For example jeans + shirt + jacket or jeans + sweater + pashmina or jeans + shirt + vest. You can even make a big belt or oversized necklace the third piece. For the guys, you can stick with 2. You want to make sure the jeans are darker wash and your shirt is not something you could wear to the gym. As for sneakers, it truly dresses down an outfit. If they are a trendy Converse or Van type shoe then maybe. But it’s always better to be overdressed than underdressed.

I wondered when I would get to use this, and here goes: Dress for the job you want, not the job you have. Look around you and whatever the senior executives are wearing on casual Friday is what you should wear too...

...QueenB Says


  1. Amen to the "Dress for the job you want, not the job you have". I leanred that a long time ago and try to follow it. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. I'd have to vociferously disagree with your assessment that sneakers dress down a jeans based outfit. I have the priviledge of observing a coworker that sports high end running shoes on a regular basis, always clean and with a "barely worn" look. The jeans based outfits benefit from the high end sneaker look and grant that wearer an athletic "go get'um" appearance that exudes confidence, reliability, and productivity.

    In contrast, that same jeans based outfit wearer today sported a pair of your trendy Converse with the same jeans based outfit that normally accompany the high end running shoes. My first thought was, "what a bum." So maybe you are correct about sneakers dressing down the outfit...

  3. DB- I think I'm going to refrain from comment on this one. That was the deal. I dig the new Cons though.