Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Trivial Observations in My Professional World

I've been travelling the past two weeks to conferences. In these travels, I have observed some behavior and attire that I want to address.

Let's start with attire.
  1. Ladies- if you are wearing a jacket it looks exponentially better if you button it. In the multiple presentations and sessions I sat in on, this was unanimous. For the record, I don't always button. But I will now.
  2. Men- you have got to deal with your neck hair. It's gross if you have a pet on the back of your neck. It also looks lazy, unkempt, and messy. I don't know the best way to take care of it, short of getting a hair cut weekly, so I'll take suggestions. But I do know that you need to deal with it. Badly.
  3. Ladies- a wrap dress seems to look good on everyone. No matter your height or size. If you have "girls" that make it seem like a look you can't carry, then put a cami or tank underneath. It truly is a flattering silhouette.
  4. Men- the striped shirt and striped tie bothers me. I think you need to mix another pattern in a similar color scheme. Or stick to a solid for either the shirt or tie.
  5. Ladies- knit shirts don't work if you have extra padding you are trying to hide. It just accentuates it. You have to stick with something more structured or layer a jacket or cardigan on top.
  6. Ladies- short bangs don't really work on most people. "Trends" are tough to pull off if you don't have the rest of the look too. And the short bang just makes it look like you did it yourself. I have one friend who can pull off the short bang. Emma-nation. She's the only exception in my book. Okay?
  7. Check your nose. Often.
Last, I sat in on 2 presentations with brilliant, inspirational, beautiful women. They are my idols. Both are doing amazing and cutting edge work in my field and are well respected. Also, they both wore black pants, black shoes, and a fitted suit jacket in another color (white for Julie Parish and red for Sandy Carter). I will be adopting that look into my repertoire. It is classy, elegant, and demands respect. To top it off, they are both blondes. See, we will take over the world!

Check back tomorrow for my post on behavior...

...QueenB Says


  1. The part about men's hair on the back of their neck...I was thinking about that yesterday as I saw a pet on a co-workers neck - laser hair removal! Yes, that's right, laser hair removal. If you don't have a lot of hair, then a few sessions should take care of it. If you have a lot, you may need 5-7 sessions to get rid of it. But guess what, once it's gone it's gone! I can recommend someone who is very good.

  2. I lasered my eyebrows and bikini line. So worth it. I only needed 3 sessions for each. I also highly recommend it!

  3. I did laser on my underarms, bikini and legs. It was the best present I ever gave myself!!

  4. I would also add: check your teeth after you eat!

  5. Thank you for the kind words about my bangs! Would you send this post to Crocketts mother, please? She had some.... Comments about them.

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