Thursday, May 6, 2010

Trivial Observations in My Professional World... Continued

Yesterday I posted some observations on attire in my recent travels for work. Today I am going to cover a few observations on behavior.

  1. When you ask a question, make sure it is relevant, intelligent, and well thought out. When you pose a question as a way to give pre-question commentary to show how smart you are, you look like a buffoon. It's even worse if you have a hairy neck.
  2. Quit walking around like you are in a hurry. You may think it looks like you are focused or busy or important, but you really look scattered, unorganized, and panicked. None of which are good for your professional image.
  3. Ladies- don't dress like you are going to a nightclub. At each of the 2 events I went to, there was one lady... well, um, female, because neither would be categorized as ladies...who showed cleavage and wore inappropriate stiletto shoes (one wore knee-high boots over pants and one wore strappy sandals). If you are that lady I have some news for you. Women don't like you and that is a huge hurdle to overcome. Men don't respect you and that is a huge hurdle to overcome. You also look like you are desperate for attention, have low self esteem, and don't understand boundaries. That crashing noise is the sound of your earning potential and promotability.
  4. "At the end of the day" is overused. Quit saying it. Find another way to summarize your points. Or just try stating the summary without a "I am summarizing for you what I couldn't get clear in my other communications to you" statement.
Any other observations you have had? I would love to hear them!

Check back this weekend for my next post on the best advice I ever got on how to effortlessly make small talk...

...QueenB Says


  1. Thanks for the always relevant info shared in a fun and easy to 'get it' style. QueenB is quickly becoming one of my favorite must read blogs!

  2. Thanks Nancy! Coming from a classy, beautiful, established professional that is a huge compliment!