Saturday, April 10, 2010

Inaugural Post of QueenB Says

I have been thinking about blogging for some time now. Many of my favorite people blog, and part of the reason they are my favorite people is because they are open, funny, intelligent, and challenge me in some way. So I am introducing “QueenB Says” and, for the record, I have no freaking idea what this will be about.

I’ve thought about writing on what happens to me day to day. Recent things I might pontificate on are:
· Desperately needing coffee when my corporate headquarters moved to a new location and they didn’t have any. While knowing that I have NEVER had coffee at the office before. Why was I such a brat about it?

I've thought about writing on things I find interesting. Examples would be:
· My favorite words and why. Why is usually something like- my friends say it, I watched the movie 32 times, or it makes me sound smart. For example, “heinous” is one I totally stole from Ashley. “Totally” is one I picked up from the ingenious movie Clueless. “Ingenious” makes me sound smart.
· Why am I a fan of Twilight? This is not just because the dudes are H.O.T. btw.

· The most overused phrases in corporate America. Listing detailed descriptions of how I have used those in work conversation. “The purpose of this meeting is to BRAINSTORM new ideas. THINK OUTSIDE OF THE BOX. INNOVATE.”

I’ve thought about making this an “advice column” based on things I notice that people need advice on. What you may need advice on:
· Wearing crocs, Uggs, mom jeans, a “Texas Tuxedo”, or showing your muffin top.
· Saying something inappropriate. Such as the dude that commented on my rack in a business setting last week. For real people.
· General stupidity in public: not knowing how to stand in a line (you know those people that stand one step to the left or right and one step too close?), having a bad car so when playing your music too loud you draw even more attention to it (total tools that live in my neighborhood), or sitting at the drive thru for too long after you’ve paid and received your food (I’m effing hungry after a 2.5 hour dance class!).

I’ve also thought about making this a picture blog with commentary on what I wear every day. I would find this really interesting. So would my mom. And if I’m put-together enough then maybe someday I can hang out with Clinton Kelly! I can see why other people would find this less interesting though.

(Typical work outfit, with hotter than normal shoes)

(Dinner out in Boulder)

(This is a Halloween costume with my dad's awesome shirt from the 70's)

So, it likely will be a combination of the above.

What you can expect for sure: I’m opinionated, but open-minded. Simple, yet sophisticated. Pretty, and average. And high-maintenance, as well as work hard. You may like what I say or not. And if you don’t, you can tell me and I’ll probably partly agree. But I’ll come up with an unrelated, superficial reason why your opinion is irrelevant because that is how I get through life with my self esteem intact...

...QueenB Says


  1. You are awesome! I was just thinking "why doesn't Betsy have a blog" Seriously... Maybe we can both make a career out of this.

  2. Does this mean that I won't have it all to myself now that you will be telling the world?
    P.S. Mom jeans prevent muffin tops!!

  3. i'm listening so keep blogging....

  4. Hi there! So glad to see you blogging as the QueenB and look forward to seeing what you decide to share...I am sure there will never ever be a dull moment!

    Welcome to the world of blogging. Hopefully, you are more consistent at it than I. :-)


  5. Betsy, why would you be surprised a guy commented on your rack?? YOU HAVE A NICE RACK!!! Great job on your blog Betsy! Can't wait to keep reading. : )

  6. May I vote on the 'make a scene' vs 'don't make a scene' at grandpa's birthday? Turns out it's an open comment forum so I'm going to vote whether you want me to or not. But you already know my vote. Make the scene! People that are mean to your mom deserve it. I don't even know your mom but she's obviously fabulous based on the anti-muffin top comment. Grandpa will either love the excitement or he will pretend not to hear anything. Please blog about how it goes. :)

  7. Love it. It is about time you share your insight with the world. I love that you actually say what I am thinking. Your opinions are hilarious and yet still true. I will be sharing this with a few people that might be interested.

  8. Thank you everyone for the positive thoughts!!

  9. Love the blog so far! I can tell this is going to be an entertaining one for sure! : )

    See you this weekend!

  10. Want, in this order: your shoes, Jacob, and to know who said that to you about your rack.

  11. Emma, in order. If we can go kill the chick with Louboutins you definitely don't want my BCBGirls crap. Okay, I want Edward anyway. A reseller! I will definitely tell you about this.

    Karen, I am fully prepared to "escort" said person out the door for a wrong glance. I only have 5 days to get over it. And my mom said I wasn't being very ladylike about it... and you're right, she's fabulous.

    Carrie, need your blog back! Okay?

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