Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ask QueenB

Welcome to the first edition of “Ask QueenB”. I will try to be honest and helpful and nice… mostly.

Who has the best happy hour in Boulder?
You get 3 answers because I can’t narrow it down and there is a niche for each.
  • Rio is always going to be one of my favorites. You cannot beat the margaritas… they are so good you have to wash THEM down with a burrito. Also, their queso is the best in town. 
  • Aji has the best food specials in my opinion. You can get ceviche, guacamole, and empanadas for like $3 each. And the mojitos are the best I’ve ever had.
  • Laudisio has moved up in my book with their new location. They have great small plates that are cheap. Their happy hour wine is hit or miss, but I ask to taste it and if it’s a miss I just order off the wine list. And they have a gorgeous pizza oven and hand tossed pizza dough and you get one for like $5 at happy hour.
Honorable mentions with reasons why they don’t make the top 3:
  • The Med- wine and food choices are plentiful but too many Cougars hang out here and that attracts idiot dudes.  
  • Boulder Brewery- such a great outdoor patio but they don’t have other beer options. Lame.  
  • Jax- best martinis in town, but it’s too crowded at the bar.
I unfriended someone on Facebook, she asked me why. How do I tell her?

  • This is tough. But, I’m glad you want to tell her instead of leaving her hanging. I don’t typically unfriend people, but instead hide them from my news feed. But for the readers, there is some back story here. This is a scenario where she has posted antagonistic political comments to you and your friends. Then you warned her. And she didn’t stop. So, you kind of had no choice. And really, she shouldn’t be surprised at your answer if you are honest. So tell her that she crossed a line and if she wishes to engage in civil conversation you are happy to have her as a friend. Then threaten to kick her. I threaten to kick people all the time and it works.

Who do you think killed JFK?

  • It’s really easy to watch the Kevin Costner version of events and think that is the story. But, I am here to tell you what really happened. Jackie did it to get back at him for Marilyn. Then she married money and laid on a beach for 20 years. Brilliant.

What is the sexy/skanky cutoff for height of high heels?

  • Answer for the ladies: Depends on what you are wearing with them. With pants, as long as you can walk in them and as long as your pants cover the heel it doesn’t really matter. With a knee length skirt for work, you may want to stop at 3 inches. But I don’t. With a short skirt or shorts I wouldn’t suggest going above 4 inches. But I have. It’s all about knowing how to walk in them.
  • Answer for the men: Skanks wear clear heels, white heels, and thigh high boots. There are other ways to tell a skank, but this is a question about shoes.

What kind of ego does it take to name yourself QueenB?

  • A healthy one.

Please post any questions here and I’ll do my best to answer them. Well, I’ll probably only answer the ones I want. But you get the idea…

...QueenB Says

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  1. Centro and Boulder Cafe are in my top 5 and you can avoid chardanooners at both.