Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Style Statement

I got an Ask QueenB question a few weeks ago that is excellent:

“Do you like to buy what is in fashion or do you stick to longer lasting pieces/classics and only buy a few key fashion pieces?"

Before I answer it I want to talk about a wonderful book and concept that my friend Emma-nation turned me on to. It is called your style statement. It is a two word statement that, in their words, “helps you make empowered decisions - from your wardrobe and home to your relationships and work. When the spirit and the look and feel of your life are connected to your true nature, you feel at home wherever you are. You walk taller. You think more clearly. And the world responds accordingly".  Cool, huh?

If you purchase the book it will walk you through a series of exploratory forms where you fill in your preferences around things such as home, fashion, relationships, communication, etc. Then you reflect on your answers to come up with your style statement. The first word is your inner foundation, your 80%. Your second word is your creative edge, your 20%.

My style statement is Classic Glamorous.

Now back to the Ask QueenB question. If you posed this question to 5 “fashionable” people you would get 5 wonderful answers. I tend to go with the following when buying clothing:

  • Boot cut jeans, pencil skirts, tailored wide and straight leg pants
  • Fitted shirts I can leave untucked, cardigan sets, decorative and dressy tanks
  • Shirt dresses, wrap dresses, fitted sheath dresses
  • Feminine high heels, shiny or decorated wedges or flip flops
These basics in my wardrobe all fit with the Classic Glamorous theme. Here's a link to a few of my outfits, just to prove it.

Anything that I get that would be categorized as "trendy" tends to go towards my 20% word, Glamorous. Here are a few examples of trendy things I've purchased lately that I love:

Adorable grey and black striped tights

Fitted navy vest with gold cording and buttons

Freaking awesome taupe suede booties with silver studding

See, these may be called Glamorous Classic, right?

So, now, how do you incorporate the idea of a style statement into your life, clothes, and shopping strategy? First, consider taking the time to figure out your style statement, either with the book (an $18 investment), or peruse their website to get some ideas, or maybe you just know yourself well enough to come up with the right combination.

Next, use that style statement to know what makes you “fashionable”. You'll never go wrong once you know what makes you feel good and if you stick with that theme. I could tell you to buy 3 pencil skirts, 2 straight leg pants, a great pair of boot cut jeans, 2 button down shirts, and 3 cardigan sets – all in solid colors – and it might give you something to work with, but it would be boring. You have to add your flair to it to make it work for you. Here are a few ways that can be done with basics:

  • Add your own accessories to those basics (chunky gold jewelry, funky oxford heels, vests).
  • Switch up some of the details to each of those that make them interesting (satin cording, antique buttons, bright colors, or argyle patterns).
  • Swap out those basics for other basics you like (A-line skirts, cowl-neck tops, blazers, or tweed).

Once you have your basics in your 80/20 style, then add in your other items that fit your 20/80 style to spice it up.

  • If you are Traditional Elegance then this may be a 3 tiered pearl necklace.
  • If you are Cultivated Creative then it may be a hand painted silk shirt.
  • If you are Tailored Sparkle then it may be a fitted jacket with rhinestone details on the lapel.
One final note, if you can and are living your style statement through what you do for a career or what you do everyday, then you are set. If you work in corporate America and your style is Sensual Glitter or Bohemian Hemp, then you may have to make some compromises to fit in. But I don't think QueenB can help you with that...

...QueenB Says


  1. Looking forward to reading this book and finding my own Style Statement!

  2. Have you embraced your 20%? It sure seems like you have. I can't wait for my book to arrive. I also bought it for my Nook but it is not the same thing as the real book with color pictures.

  3. Just did my Style Statement- Elegant Luxurious. Seems right! Too bad I don't have time to shop that way!