Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My Perfect Look

You know that game you play where you ask, "What would you eat if you had to have only one thing for the rest of your life" and other questions like that? I play that often because it's a great way to get a conversation going, but one question that has never been asked, that I was recently prompted to answer, is "What would you wear everyday if you could only have one outfit?". You may expect me to say something like, "I would NEVER just have one outfit!" But I think I may have found something I could do every day. Here goes:

This is a Diane Von Furstenberg dress. She invented the wrap dress in the1970's and I am a convert to this flexible, comfortable, and classic style. This gorgeous black thing is not in my closet, but may be soon.

Here are the shoes I could wear every day. These have red soles... if you don't know what that means then crawl out of your hole and buy a Vogue. It is a crime that I don't have a pair of Christian Louboutins. One I hope to rectify in the near future, perhaps with these nude peep-toes. Nude heels make your legs look longer and cause you to instantly drop 10 pounds. Pinky swear.

Next is the bag. This is the ultimate, fabulous, classic, perfect statement that I hope to be able to make some day. Chanel. Chanel. Chanel. Red. Red. Red. It takes coherent sentences right out of my mouth!

The perfect way to look like you belong in the society pages of Vanity Fair is to tie a scarf around your bag. An Hermes scarf is the most popular, it's a style icon that has books devoted to it! This is the one I'd choose to tie around my bag. I love the tiger image, as it adds just the right amount of "grrr".

Jewelry that I am attracted to is typically antique, especially Victorian or Edwardian pieces. I love mixing a detailed, filigree necklace with a simple, classic outfit. This gold and pearl necklace is from the 1910's, same era as my wedding ring. It is perfect with the dress and shoes, don't you think!

I would not leave the house without some fabulous sunglasses. I lost my Chanel's in Virgin Gorda and I've been looking for the perfect replacement ever since. These are close and will give you the general idea of what would complete my PERFECT LOOK.

I could wear this combination every day.  It is classic and refined and simple and sexy and chic and lots of other words that I want to be. It is also comfortable, a word I don't care too much about when it comes to clothing, but for some reason many of you do. Personally, I'm only comfortable when I am pulled together and look good. This look can go from the office to shopping to a cocktail reception to a trendy new restaurant. And hopefully you'll see me in it somewhere soon.  Someone forward this to my husband...

.,.. QueenB Says

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  1. OMG, this outfit is FABULOUS! All women need to know what a red sole means; one day I hope to have a pair in my closet. This outfit is so you QueenB!