Monday, August 2, 2010

Get Remembered

Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman. - Coco Chanel
I want you to think back to the last wedding you attended. Got it in your head? Now, remember that woman, the one that was totally together. You can kind of remember that she had a red or blue dress on, you know that she walked confidently and regally to her seat, she smiled at the right time, clapped at the right time, enjoyed her wine, and danced effortlessly.

Now, remember these? There was that one girl who changed into flip flops. And then that lady who's dress was 15 years old and had shoulder pads. Oh, remember that girl with the dress that was too short, too tight, and too low cut? And that lady who wore so many sparkly items she looked like a Christmas tree. What about the lady in the polyester halter dress that looked like it cost $12. And that one poor woman in the dowdy floral dress with the matching cropped, long-sleeved jacket. Then there was that one lady who's dress was okay, but her undergarments were all wrong because you could SEE them under the dress and hanging out of the dress.

The above quote was sent to me by a very regal woman that I grew up watching. I couldn't tell you what she wore, ever. Kind of like the first woman you thought of. But I know she was amazing... and still is.

The point of this post (and as my husband pointed out, "Haven't you posted this before?"... yes!):  Don't give people an excuse to not see YOU. What gives people that excuse? Ill fitting, cheaply made, too baggy, too tight, inappropriate for the occasion, dated, plain, unaccessorized, gaudy, or uncomfortable clothing. Make sure that you get remembered, for the right reasons. If you aren't sure? Ask me. I'll tell you the truth. I promise...

...QueenB Says

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  1. You are so right. I want to be remembered for me, not how I dress. Excellent quote. One to remember when getting dressed/shopping. All it takes is some awareness. Look in a mirror after you get dressed for starters. Evaluate yourself from head to toe before you step out the door.

    I pay way more attention to my clothes now. I may spend time ironing a really nice blouse, then put it on the next morning and realize it just doesn't feel "right". It is usually too baggy around the middle. So off it goes and into the donate pile.

    Don't wear what doesn't feel right. And look in a mirror, from ALL angles (get on a chair if you have to).